Monday, 20 June 2011

Chinese Website translation services

Dear Sir/Madam,
I visited your Website and would like to let you know that your Website could also be presented in other languages for broader recognition.

According to research done by International Data Corporation, non-English speaking users make up 70% of the total online population. Business Web users are three times more likely to buy when addressed in their own languages (survey by Forrester Research).

We specialize in Website translation and search engine submission in most Asian and European languages. The most common translation requests include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian.

Our Website translation service package includes:

1. Web page translation and Web programming localization - We not only convert Web pages and graphics, but also ensure that the translated Websites fully function in the target language environment.

2. Search engine submission - We optimize the keywords and descriptions of the translated Websites for ideal search engine rankings.

3. Website updates and technical support.

Our translation is done by our professional translators who are native speakers and have years of Website translation experience. We are not hired for the ability to take a word in one language and convert it into an equivalent word in another language. Instead, we get to the heart of communication and express the true meaning of your message, because we are aware that improper translation may cause irreparable damage to your organization's image. Our references and sample work are available upon request.

We also offer document translation service.

Should you be interested in our translation services, please do not hesitate to email me for further information. Thank you very much for your time.


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Monday, 13 June 2011

Professional freelance translator (English mother tongue; French and German to English)


Professional freelance translator (English mother tongue; French and German to English)

Based in the UK (typically, I work from my permanent home address)

Qualifications: see relevant section below


This is to advertise my services as a professional translator (French and German to English). I understand that, in translating, merely replacing words with words is never a sensible idea – and that producing professional quality translations goes far beyond just being able to re-phrase things in individual instances. I am highly literate, flexible, and resourceful; and I recognise that initiative is important in translation.


Professional experience at time of last update: 2 ½ years. I can muster 3,500 words in a day (or even more) if I’m available all day, which I usually am.

I have a record of in-depth translation study and experience from a postgraduate degree course in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth.

BA French and German, University of Kent at Canterbury, Class 2.2

Included Year Abroad at the University of Poitiers, France. Graduated June 2005.


Good knowledge of MS Word and Excel 2007; knowledge of Powerpoint

Typing speed is approx. 50wpm and climbing

Basic HTML

Familiar with Adobe (currently using Version 9)

I don’t use any translation tools like Trados (yet).


I have completed translation projects in the following areas (this is by no means an extensive list):

* Academic / creative / marketing (in my case a series of textbook articles; promotional material and presentations; websites)

* Business and legal (in my case formal correspondence; b2b stuff, like tenders, business-to-customer or visa versa; propositions involving national and international authorities; terms and conditions articles; contracts and leases)

* IT / technical (in my case a patent and technical drawings, instruction manuals, safety regulations)

My approach to translation

Just because a sentence may fully obey all the various rules of its language does not mean that it really makes sense (for the sake of example, this is a true statement seen in a job application covering letter: “I am fascinated by fire.”). I’m concerned with loyalty to the original text as well as “proper language”.

  • Previous position

Bilingual Freelance Software Functionality Tester

Babel Media 6.50 GBP p/h

I tested foreign language versions of new release computer games, checking for text errors including mistranslations, and providing correction suggestions on a LAN using special software. The position required above all a commitment to quality and an eye for detail. I worked to deadlines – we kept in touch by email on Microsoft Outlook.

  • Other prior experience

Having finished university, I decided that I should begin my career by gaining a record of vocational experience from temporary work positions, including the following:

Administrative Assistant

City Link 5.57 GBP p/h

Faxing and assuming responsibility for paperwork pertaining to clients’ deliveries. I was effectively one of many responsible for the handling of a large data load. I was faced with a great deal of routine work every day, which I undertook quite happily (and patiently).


Quantum TM 7:20 GBP p/h

In a nutshell, I was responsible for data management and updating as I spent the day updating information on a computer as I talked to business clients on the phone.



They include ju-jitsu and salsa.

Contact details

Address: 10 Hillary Drive, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6QE, UK

Business line: +44 (0) 560 1735043 Land line +44 (0) 1344 773948

Mobile: +44 (0) 7784 511495 Email:

Skype: georgetrail

Online blogs / social networking

Business blogs: BT Tradespace

Google Blogger

Social media presence on: