Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Outsourced Translation, English to German


Personal Details

Name: Jessica Bender

Address: Im Schreiber 12

69181 Leimen

Date of Birth: 9 th November 1981

0176 / 80024028


Employment History

08.2008 – 04.2010 Various translation projects

  • contracts

  • economic texts

  • business letters

08.2000 – 06.2001 Shop assistant


07.2008 Swearing-in as a translator for English

02.2006 – 07.2008 Studies at the Englisches Institut Heidelberg

Graduations: Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk for English

● Translator for English

[Main focus: economy, politics]

07.2003 – 07.2005 Apprenticeship at Julius-Springer-Schule Heidelberg

Graduation: ● State certified Language Secretary for English and French

2005 Basic course in MS Excel and MS Word at the Volkshochschule Heidelberg

07.2001 04.2003 Apprenticeship as a technical draftswoman at the Max-Planck-Institut for Astronomy Heidelberg


2003 – 2005 Julius-Springer-Schule Heidelberg

school leaving certificate: university entry exam for a defined set of subjects

1999 – 2000 Heiligenbergschule Heidelberg

1992 – 1999 Helmholtz Gymnasium Heidelberg

1988 – 1994 Eichendorffgrundschule Heidelberg

Further Qualifications

EDV & PC MS-Office

Internet Explorer, etc.

Trados (basic knowledge)

Languages German (native language)

English (fluent)

French (basic knowledge)

Leimen, 2nd June 2010

Jessica Bender

Sunday, 13 June 2010

TraduSyl (Dutch/ English/ Italian Translation)

Curriculum Vitae TraduSyl
Sylvia Kieffer
Nieuwstraat 76
3150 Wespelaar (Haacht)
27 years old (born on October 7 1982)
mobile : +32 478 34 10 06
VAT BE 0894.067.509
E-mail : tradusyl@gmail.com
Website : www.tradusyl.com
Postacademic Education
 2005-2006: Certificate Translating on a European level – module Business English
and French (Faculty of Languages at the Catholic University, 3000 Louvain)
 2004-2005: Certificate Translating on a European Level – module Rewriting texts
(Faculty of Languages at the Catholic University, 3000 Louvain)
Academic Education
 2000-2004: Master Translator Dutch/English/Italian (Vlekho, 1030 Brussels)
 Specialisation : Translation Sciences
 Thesis : partial translation of the diary Stick Figure: A Diary of my former Self
Secundary Education
 1994-2000: Latin-Modern Languages (Don Bosco College, 3150 Haacht)
 2004-2005: Contract Administrator for Canal+ NV (pay television). Tasks:
translation of English documents, internal and external communication, drawing up
English film contracts, correspondence and contacts with American film distributors,
copywriting for monthly guide.
 12/2005-04/2006 : Translator for Apostrophe Translation. Tasks: revision of
incoming translations, translating documents (from English and French into Dutch),
project management translations, multiple contacts with customers and freelance
 05/2006- 04/2008: Translator-Revisor-Copywriter for Dexia Asset Management
(Marketing-Communication unit). Tasks: translation of French, English and Italian
texts into Dutch, revision of Dutch, English and Italian translations (financial and
general), follow up translations and all kinds of publications, writing texts for internal
magazine/intranet/internet, copywriting.
 Since 2008: Freelance Translator-Revisor (Tradusyl) from FR/EN/IT -> NL.
 Since 2009: registered as a sworn translator for Dutch, English and Italian at the
Court of First Instance in Leuven (Belgium).
 I am also a member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters
 Dutch: mother tongue, very good knowledge acquired through education
(terminology, grammar and spelling)
 English: excellent knowledge
 French: good knowledge
 Italian: excellent knowledge
 German: passive knowledge
 Good general knowledge of Windows.
 Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) through practice
and ECDL (European Computer Driver Licence).
 Good knowledge of terminology databases and internet (Outlook, Eudora).
 Good knowledge of Trados.
 Marketing
 Technical (user manuals, brochures,…)
 General scientific
 Financial/economic/banking
 Asset management (+ Private Banking/…)
 Film & culture
 Tourism
 Legal
 Cosmetics
 Medical-pharmaceutical
 Literature
 Etc.
 Translations: from 0,095 € per word (source language)
 Revision/proofreading: 30 €/hour

Thursday, 3 June 2010

How to translate a resx file

Most websites and applications based on the microsoft platform use .Resx (Resource XML) files for localizing their software. However, for a translator to work on these files it can be quite unwieldy, and often times, if your language contains non-latin accents, then they can be either lost or corrupted, if you use simple text editors like notepad.

With the demise of peopleWords ResxEditor, there are other alternatives available for Resx-editing software, two of which I'll review below

Alanta Resx Editor

This does offer the benifit of opening two languages side-by-side, so that you can quickly refer between three languages, which is useful if you are multilingual and are translating the text into two languages at once.

What it lacks is the support for the "Comment" tag within the resx file, which often indicates the context of a translation.

Vermorel Resx Editor

Although a very simple editor, this does read the "Comment" tag from the Resx file, which gives context to the translations. It also makes it clear what text is to be translated. Unfortunately, it does not offer the side-by-side facility.

Both Resx Editors handled Unicode (non-latin text) perfectly, and saved and loaded Resx files without any errors.