Monday, 24 August 2009

English, French, German proessional translation.



Address: 10 Hillary Drive, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6QE, UK

Business line: +44 (0) 560 1735043 Mobile: +44 (0) 7784 511495

Email: Skype: georgetrail


This is to advertise my services as a professional translator (English, French, German). I understand that, in translating, merely replacing words with words is never a sensible idea – and that producing professional quality translations goes far beyond just being able to re-phrase things in individual instances. I am highly literate, flexible, and resourceful; and I believe that initiative is important in translation.


I have gained a record of in-depth translation study and experience from a postgraduate degree course in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth.

BA French and German, University of Kent at Canterbury, Class 2.2

Included Year Abroad at the University of Poitiers, France. Graduated June 2005.

A-levels, Bearwood College, Wokingham / Winnersh, Berkshire

German – B French – C English literature – D

GCSEs, Bearwood College

9 at C or above; A*s in French and German; Bs in English and maths


Microsoft Word and Excel; knowledge of Powerpoint and Outlook; typing speed is circa 50wpm and climbing; basic HTML


Current situation

I am a freelance translator – I do most of my work from home. I offer competitive rates (0.05 Euros / word standard rate). I have proven myself for versatility – my business history includes translation projects for: an ongoing series of textbook articles, business correspondence involving authorities and international legislation, a patent and technical drawings, terms and conditions articles and leases and medical reports for the Ministry of Defence, to name a few. I have a very solid sense of style.

Previous position

Bilingual Freelance Software Functionality Tester

6.50 GBP p/h

I tested foreign language versions of new release computer games, checking for text errors including mistranslations, and providing correction suggestions on a LAN using special software. The position required above all a commitment to quality and an eye for detail. I worked to deadlines – we kept in touch by email on Microsoft Outlook.

Other prior experience

When I first finished my studies I just focussed on accumulating a record of general vocational experience in a number of varied temp roles that includes what is to follow (but I always wanted to use my languages in my career). Here are my comments on some of my past jobs from mid-2006 to mid-2009:

  • Administrative Assistant

City Link

5.57 GBP p/h

Faxing and assuming responsibility for paperwork pertaining to clients’ deliveries. I was effectively one of many responsible for the handling of a large data load. I was faced with a great deal of routine work every day, which I undertook quite happily (and patiently).

  • Waiting work (via agencies)

Various locations

Varied pay rates

Communication skills were expected for the purpose dealing with customers (including complaint cases of course) – mostly as one of a team.

  • Telemarketer

Quantum TM

7:20 GBP p/h

In a nutshell, I was responsible for data management and updating as I spent the day updating information with business clients by phone.

  • Also during study leave I did some night-shifts work at Woking Post Office; indicative of flexibility and diligence.


Driving licence

Full driving licence since 25th June 2001, in addition to Pass Plus which I achieved a month later. And I do have my own car, an R-reg Ford Fiesta.


I love the local ju-jitsu class which I attend every Wednesday. When I joined I was very pleased at how quickly I could make friends with other students and even the instructors. I also like reading and discuss things like my tastes in music with the utmost sincerity yet the utmost passion

Saturday, 15 August 2009

French (European & Canadian) into English (US and UK).

We would like to introduce your company to our team of 2 freelance translators who work solely from French (European & Canadian) into English (US and UK).

Gregory Jackson has more than ten years' experience in legal and business translations, with extensive prior experience as a high-level paralegal at major NYC and LA law firms in legal proofreading and translation.

Christopher Jackson has worked in different functional areas (marketing, sales, financial planning, strategic planning), and in several different industries (HR consulting, market research, training, manufacturing, IT, not-for-profit, and education). He has a broad business background and advanced degrees that together provide ideal preparation for handling a broad range of translation projects.

Our team can offer you years of extensive practical experience in the translation of:

- legal documents, contracts, agreements, pleadings, briefs, judgments, etc.

- business documents, including marketing, financial and technical reports, plans, presentations, training, HR documents and software

- website localization, editing, and proofreading for standard US English.

Because we work at separate ends of the North American continent, we can provide fast turnaround due to an extended work day, especially for projects based in Europe.

Our proficiency in French was acquired in France while living and attending school as children and while working as adults. We can identify and translate cultural references and acronyms that translators who have never lived there will have trouble with.

We have attached the resumes of our team members for your consideration, each with a list of the kinds of projects we have completed successfully.

Thanks and regards,
Gregory Jackson (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Christopher Jackson (Connecticut, USA)
Alternate email:

Monday, 3 August 2009

TECHLOC Translations

Untitled document

All of our translations are completed by native-speaking professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Linguists are only involved in a translation project if they have a proven track record in a particular specialisation.

Completed work is delivered accurately, efficiently and punctually and we are capable of delivering urgent translations within 24 hours, as well as very large projects, in order to meet your requirements.

Per Source Word (EUR) + Translation <>:

English Greek 0,07
English Italian 0,08
English French(EU) 0,09
English French(CA) 0,09
English Spanish(EU) 0,08
English Spanish(LA) 0,08
English German 0,09
English Dutch 0,09
English Norwegian 0,14
English Swedish 0,14
English Finnish 0,14
English Danish 0,14
English Bulgarian 0,07
English Lithuanian 0,09
English Serbian 0,09
English Czech 0,09
English Slovak 0,09
English Slovenian 0,09
English Estonian 0,09
English Latvian 0,09
English Albanian 0,09
English Macedonian 0,09
English Croatian 0,09
English Hungarian 0,09
English Turkish 0,08
English Russian 0,08
English Polish 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Romanian 0,07
English Ukrainaian 0,09
English Maltese 0,10
English Icelandic 0,22
English Japanese 0,15
English Chinese 0,08
English Arabic 0,08
English Hindi 0,09

The following is provided: Translation + Proofreading (by second Native) + review against source.

Please e-mail us at call the number below for a free quote.

Kind regards,

Frank Jones

Localization Department
130 Charlotte Street,
Soho, London W1T 1RL.