Monday, 3 August 2009

TECHLOC Translations

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All of our translations are completed by native-speaking professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Linguists are only involved in a translation project if they have a proven track record in a particular specialisation.

Completed work is delivered accurately, efficiently and punctually and we are capable of delivering urgent translations within 24 hours, as well as very large projects, in order to meet your requirements.

Per Source Word (EUR) + Translation <>:

English Greek 0,07
English Italian 0,08
English French(EU) 0,09
English French(CA) 0,09
English Spanish(EU) 0,08
English Spanish(LA) 0,08
English German 0,09
English Dutch 0,09
English Norwegian 0,14
English Swedish 0,14
English Finnish 0,14
English Danish 0,14
English Bulgarian 0,07
English Lithuanian 0,09
English Serbian 0,09
English Czech 0,09
English Slovak 0,09
English Slovenian 0,09
English Estonian 0,09
English Latvian 0,09
English Albanian 0,09
English Macedonian 0,09
English Croatian 0,09
English Hungarian 0,09
English Turkish 0,08
English Russian 0,08
English Polish 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Romanian 0,07
English Ukrainaian 0,09
English Maltese 0,10
English Icelandic 0,22
English Japanese 0,15
English Chinese 0,08
English Arabic 0,08
English Hindi 0,09

The following is provided: Translation + Proofreading (by second Native) + review against source.

Please e-mail us at call the number below for a free quote.

Kind regards,

Frank Jones

Localization Department
130 Charlotte Street,
Soho, London W1T 1RL.

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