Thursday, 30 April 2009

German SEO Advice Required

I am looking for an SEO expert with knowledge of German.

I have a German website,, with a PR4, 31 backlinks,
and following the same format as a network of 24 other websites that rank well in Google.

I am looking for an SEO report that could help me rank the site in for either "sms kostenlos" or "sms gratis" (or both)

The report should include:

* Advice for wording changes within the site, to better target the search terms.
* A list of at least 10 mobile-phone related websites in Germany, with good PR, where it is possible to buy 'with-follow' advertisement cheaply.
- A contact name, email address, and exact price for each website must be provided
* A list of at least 10 mobile-phone related forums in Germany, where it is possible to post 'with-follow' comments about the website
- A sample post in German must be provided, i.e. "Hey, have you seen this website, it lets you send free SMS"
* A sample email written in German, explaining the benefits of linking to our website via the affiliate program:

The report should not include:

* Recommendations for Major changes to the site, only wording changes please.
* Black-hat seo, such as hidden text, doorway pages, spam etc.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

SDL Trados

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Globe House, Clivemont Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7DY UK

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

German>English freelance legal translator

Dear Outsource Translation,

I would like to express an interest in working for you as a German>English freelance legal translator. I was an honor student in college and have a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in German. I also spent a year in college as an exchange student in Giessen, Germany. I am also a member of Aquarius and Proz. All I need is an opportunity to show my skills.

I specialize in the translation of legal contracts and general business documents because I have a keen interest in these areas. I am also willing to do general texts as well. I enclose an extensive translation sample which should bear evidence to my abilities. I also enclose a résumé. As some people are reluctant to open attachments from people they don't know, I have pasted them in at the bottom of this letter. Please also feel free to pass my name along to anyone whom you think to be in need of my services.

My rates are 0.60 euro per 55-character line (or the equivalent) in the source language. I also accept payments via Paypal if you prefer to pay in this manner. There are no additional charges for minimum orders or rush jobs. There is also a 10% discount offered if payment is made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

My e-mail is I will look forward to hearing from you.


Ron Stelter

Ronald L. Stelter

1020 Houston, #6

Manhattan, KS 66502

785-539-7617 (phone)





English (American)


To use my foreign language skills in the legal and business translation fields


Legal/business translations for Quick Translations, Alta Translations, Derx Translations, among others from 01/01 to present

Legal/financial proofreading for Delta Wordsmiths, Postemps, Gregory & Gregory Legal Staffing, Update from 11/96 to 12/01

Legal: Chadbourne & Parke; Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobsen; Mayer Brown & Platt; Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy; Sullivan & Cromwell (long-term temp, 2/98-9/98); Fulbright & Jaworski; etc.

Financial: Merrill Lynch; Smith Barney; Goldman Sachs; Bear Stearns; etc.


Teacher of English as a Second Language, Berlitz, 3/93-5/96


Bachelor of Arts Degree, German, Kansas State University, 1990 (4.0 GPA in major, 3.814 cumulative GPA) (4.0 represents the best possible grades in the American educational system-all A's)

Master of Arts Degree, German, Kansas State University, 1992 (4.0 cumulative GPA)


Exchange student in Germany for one year (Justus-Liebig Universität, Giessen)

Graduated cum laude as undergraduate

Member of German academic honorary

Awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantship in German

Member of Phi Kappa Phi and Golden Key academic honoraries


Excellent spelling skills

College courses in French

College courses in Spanish

College courses in Italian


Der Unternehmer betraut den Handelsvertreter mit der Alleinvertretung für den folgenden Bezirk oder Kundenkreis ________________.

Die Vertretung erstreckt sich auf sämtliche Produkte des Unternehmers.

Neue Erzeugnisse können nur einvernehmlich von den Parteien in das Vertragsverhältnis einbezogen werden.

Rabatte oder Nachlässe darf der Handelsvertreter nur mit Zustimmung des Unternehmers gewähren.

Der Handelsvertreter ist an die angemessenen Weisungen des Unternehmers gebunden.

Der Handelsvertreter informiert den Unternehmer regelmäßig über die Marktlage in seinem Gebiet, insbesondere über die Wünsche der Kunden und die Angebote der Mitbewerber.

Der Handelsvertreter ist verpflichtet, an Fachmessen in seinem Handelsgebiet teilzunehmen. Die Kosten für die Einrichtung der Messestände trägt der Unternehmer. Die Anreise- sowie die Unterbringungskosten während der Messen trägt der Handelsvertreter.

Berechnungsgrundlage für alle vom Handelsvertreter vermittelten Geschäfte ist der Euro.


The Contractor shall entrust the Commercial Agent with the sole representation for the following area or clientele ______________.

The representation shall include all products of said Contractor.

New products may only be included in the contractual relationship with the mutual consent of both parties.

Said Commercial Agent may only grant rebates or discounts with the approval of said Contractor.

Said Commercial Agent shall be bound to the reasonable directions of said Contractor.

Said Commercial Agent shall inform said Contractor regularly regarding the market situation in his or her area, particularly regarding customer preferences and the offers of competitors.

Said Commercial Agent is obliged to participate in the trade fairs in his or her respective sales area. Said Contractor shall bear the construction costs for the trade exhibits. Said Commercial Agent shall bear his or her own travel and lodging costs during the trade fairs.

All deals negotiated by said Commercial Agent shall be calculated in euros.

Argentinian translators

I am a sworn translator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am interested in joining your team, as I believe I may fit into your requirements.
I work for several international translation agencies as a terminologist, translator and editor, and in this regard I have been part of large projects for worldwide customers.
Also, I am proficient in several fields and I can meet tough delivery dates.
I may be available for overnight and week-end projects.
I have full command of Trados Translation Memory.
My resume is below.
Please, advise if there is any other further information you may need.


Uspallata 3625 -

(C1437JCU) Buenos Aires


Telephone/Fax: +54-11-4912-6378



English-Spanish (principal)

Spanish-English (secondary)



Morón University

Degree: Public Translator

Degree: Simultaneous Interpreter

Relevant Graduate Coursework

Total Quality in Translation Works

Translation in Mass Media Communication

Translation Workshop

Business Companies

Law of Procedure

Legal Translation from Spanish into English: problems and solutions

Capital Markets

Contrastive Grammar

English for Accounting


Software Localization

License Contracts


Translation of Web Pages

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Translation of Medical Texts

(**Please note that I am including only the last 3 years. This information is available upon request)

Full command of Trados Translation Memory

Professional Service

· Secretary to the Ethics Committee of the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

· Member of the following Working Teams: Culture - Technology - Professional Experience and University Affairs at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

Teaching Experience

o Trainer for newcomers to translation business - Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

o Teacher in courses on Errors and Difficulties in Technical Translation - Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

o Teacher in charge of training on Trados Translation Memory - Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

Experience as Freelance Translator

Working as a freelancer based in Buenos Aires for various agencies, both local and international.

Some domestic direct clients are as follows:

Ø Cargill S.A.C.I.


Ø EPSA Music

Ø HSM Cultura y Desenvolvimiento

Ø McCain Argentina

Ø Nobleza Piccardo (a company of British American Tobacco)

Ø Pharmacia & Upjohn

Ø Richelet & Richelet

Ø Telefónica de Argentina

Ø Zurich-Eagle Star

International agencies for which I render services as terminologist, translator and editor:

ü Spanish Communications (Oregon, USA)

ü Eriksen Translations, Inc. (New York, USA)

ü Sharper Translation Services, Inc. (Texas, USA)

ü International Language Solutions /Atlanta, USA)

ü Use Spanish Translation Services (Washington, USA)

ü Atlas Translations (London, United Kingdom)

ü TheBigWord (Leeds, United Kingdom)

ü GEDEV/BIAT/NETWORD (Courbevoie Cedex, France)

ü Grande-Allée Translation Inc. (Ontario, Canada)

ü (Dublin, Ireland)


Patents – Marketing – Management – Legal – Business – Technical/Scientific matters – Web Pages - Part of the translation team of the US Pharmacopeia

Other activities

· Speaker at the First Conference of the Federación Argentina de Traductores (October 2002) – Lecture given on ethics matters

· Speaker at the First Conference for Just Graduates held at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

· Member of the Organizing Committee of the Fourth Latin-American Congress on Translation and Interpretation held in Buenos Aires (May 2004 - Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires)

· Speaker at events organized for students in several Argentinean universities (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Universidad del Aconcagua, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Universidad de Belgrano, Universidad de Morón, Universidad Católica Argentina and Universidad del Salvador)

· Special professor appointed by the Universidad de Morón

· Speaker at the 5th Symposium on Translation, Terminology and Interpretation in Cuba and Canada

· Workshops on “Translation Errors and Difficulties in Technical Texts" and on "IT Tools for Translators" at the 5th Symposium on Translation, Terminology and Interpretation in Cuba and Canada


Contact Name: Sandra Bravo

Company: International Language Solutions (USA)

Phone Number: (1) 404 327 8815

E-mail Address:

Brief description of the nature of the work: translator and editor of social security projects

Contact Name: Sabina Tocco

Company: TheBigWord (United Kingdom)

E-mail Address:

Brief description of the nature of the work: miscellaneous translations

Contact Name: Khalil Bandak

Company: Sharper Translations Services, Inc. (USA)

Phone Number: (1) 713.789.2992

E-mail Address:

Brief description of the nature of the work: Disney web site / K‑Mart employee manuals

Contact Name: Genevieve Cofsky

Company: Grande-Allée Translation Inc. [Canada]

E-mail Address:

Brief description of the nature of the work: house organs / documents/ management information

Translation capacity

I can render about 5,000/6,000 words/day.

Technical equipment

PC: Model: Compaq Presario – Processor: Intel Pentium IV

with 2.20 GHz, 512 RAM, 80 GB hard disk space

– Microsoft Windows XP

Laptop: Sony Vaio with Microsoft Windows XP

Internet access: Broadband

E-mail application: Outlook express

Trados 6.5 and MultiTerm iX

Knowledge of software

MS Word, Version: 2003

MS Excel, Version: 2003

MS PowerPoint, Version: 2003

MS Access, Version: 2003

Adobe FrameMaker, Version: 7.1

Adobe PhotoShop, Version: 7.0

Acrobat Professional, Version: 6.0

Adobe PageMaker, Version: 6.52

Adobe Illustrator, Version: 9.0

Corel WordPerfect, Version: 8.0



Omni Page 14

Leticia Ana Martínez
Traductora Pública / Sworn Translator
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Teléfono / Phone: (54-11)4912-6378

Alessandro MIANI (Italian/French)

Dear Madam Or Sir,

I would like to introduce myself to your company, Outsource Translation, as a freelance translator.

Please find my CV/resume below.

Kind regards,

Alessandro MIANI



Alessandro MIANI di ANGORIS
Vicolo della Porta 5 - 00060 Riano (Rome) - Italy
tel: 06-90131924/338-6413136


Create, in the coming years, a top multilingual organisator of
translators with editing skills in response to the different market


I have acquired solid knowledge of budgeting, reporting and
administration techniques and familiarity with forecasting tools in
the ever changing electronics market. Skilled in managing complex
projects, I have built in recent years, together with French wife and
English colleague who worked for a merchant bank in London, a team
for translations. I wish to highlight that we operate from/to
English, French and Italian and each assignment gets at least
reviewed by the correspondent native language colleague.


from 1996 Involved in family financial & real estate situation, then
in translations which is now my sole activity.

4 year team in translation/editing
- recent/important assignments:
- Annual Report on Corporate Governance and self-discipline code
for listed Companies ->EN
- Quota holders? Agreement ->IT between two foreign Companies.
- Large insurance project ->FR for top Italian insurance company.
- Large financial project ->EN (derivatives, hedging,) for
Italian Bank.
- Published thesis on 'Credit Derivatives' for the 'Bocconi' in
- Merchant Bank texts on 'Market Outlook for the US, Asia and
- French magazine 'Audrey' editing for two years.
- Engineering, SAP, automotive and other types of assignments.

from 1993: NU SKIN Italia s.r.l. (U.S.A. network Co.: cosmetics,
nutritional). Created sales network for NU SKIN products and up-lines
in Italy and abroad.

from 1992 Studio SQUILLACI Company - Rome
Specialist commercial and fiscal advice to business customers

from 1980 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS ITALIA S.p.A. Cittaducale/Avezzano
Sales: $500M - Employees: 2000

from 1989 Financial Manager - reporting to Project Manager
Organized and set-up a financial and purchasing department to follow-
up and support a $130M project to build in Avezzano the most advanced
electronic component factory in the Texas Instruments world. The
final outcome was a 0.4% variance to the budget and this plant
realisation was taken as a benchmark for the other ongoing Texas

from 1984 Operational Controller (manuf. & sales) - reporting to
Division Manager. As Controller of a business with fast technological
change and wide product and consumer fluctuations, I have always
maintained tight control, precise and punctual financial reporting to
the local and foreign management team to assist achieving the company

from 1980 Cost Acc. Mngr. -> Internal Auditor -> Cost Acc. & Fin.



1979 - 1980 MBA at INSEAD - Fontainebleau France
1974 - 1979 Economics at the University of Rome


Italian/French: mother tongue (French mother & studies in French)
English: fluent (1st. spoken language)
German: fair

French Connection


Dear Sir or Madam,

French Connection is specialised in Technical subjects.

With more than 20 years experience in this field we translate:

Technical Texts: dealing with electronics, computers, IT technology; automobile, engineering in general, construction, mining, patents and manymore.

Our general rate is 0.068 EURO per word for English>French and French>English.

We work with TRADOS 6.5

We have built a sound international reputation based on quality, service andreliability, and hope to extend our services to yourselves. We lookforward to working together.

Thanks and best regards.

Yours sincerely,

French Connection Ltd.
14 Tottenham Court Road
London, W1T 1JY
United Kingdom

Madrid language services

Dear Sir / Madame,

Madrid Language Services is a very active Spanish translation bureau with a multidisciplinary team of in-house translators.

We would like to offer our translation services from English and German into Spanish. Since we are specialised in translations into Spanish, we can provide high quality translations at very competitive prices.

Our rates are:

English-Spanish: 0.05
8 EUR/word
German-Spanish: 0.065 EUR/word

we can handle your projects for the following fields:

Information technology
Web localisation

Please forward us any kind of document for quotations and timeframes, at your best convenience!

For further information feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your kind attention.
David Steiner
Madrid Language Services
Gran Via, 38
Madrid, 28013




Bonn Branch Office

Enjoy the skills of a team of translators experienced in working

with international linguistic services companies

Reactivity /Respect of deadlines

A quality matching your needs Competitive prices

Absolute confidentiality




Linguistic testing

Terminological jobs

On-site work

Linguistic coordination for all languages

0.07 EUR per word

Trados 6.5

Translator Studio
IBM Translation Manager
MS Localisation Studio

Windows XP

Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, etc

NTIC - Computing - Telecommunications - Multimedia

Industrial Technology - Aeronautics

笳?Translation of Software (interface, online help files) and documentations (user manuals, etc.).

笳?Translation of Web Sites : visible text, hidden parts, oral texts, animated and non-animated images.

Translation of brochures, explanatory leaflets, advertising supports, user manuals, installation or maintenance guides, patents, contracts, press releases, articles.

Accor / Adobe / Alcatel Alsthom / Allianz / Autodesk / Baan / British Telecom / Caldera / Canon / Cardiff / Cegelec / Cisco / Convergys / Creo / Daikin / Ebay / Electronic Arts / General Electric / Havas / Hewlett Packard / Honda / INSEE / Interplay / Kodak / Leica / Macromedia / Majik / Matrox / Mediagriff / Microsoft / Picturetel / Primavision / Psygnosis / Schneider Automation / Schneider Electric / Signalsoft / Longview / Smart Technologies / Sogea / Sybase / Teamlinks / UsData

Ask for a free quote: