Saturday, 25 April 2009

Technical-Scientific Translator.


Telecommunications Engineer
Technical-Scientific Translator.

c/ Julio Palacios 20-6ºE.
28029 MADRID

Telephone +34 91 3233730

FAX : +34 91 3233730

Madrid 2007

It is an object of the present letter to offer you my services as TECHNICAL-SCIENTIFIC
TRANSLATOR from English into Spanish, as free-lance translator, within
the fields of technical subjects in a wide range of specialties.

My curriculum vitae abridged is as follows:

EXPERIENCE AS TRANSLATOR: Twenty-five experience years in technical translations
in all subjects, for Translations Agencies as well as for Editorials. I
worked during four years as Technical Translator of the Spanish Air Forces
Ministry (Madrid).

I can manage translations subjects related to: Data processing, PATENTS
(in all fields), Electronics, Mobile Radiotelephony (GSM), Communications,
Telecommunications, Television, Satellites, Optic Fiber, Computer Networks,
Computer Software, Nuclear Power Plants, Mechanical, Electricity, etc.
That is to say, all related to my Telecommunication career and of technical
type. I am author of a TECHNICAL ABBREVIATIONS DICTIONARY, English - Spanish,
with more than 6.000 terms.

TRANSLATION MEANS: Computer: Pentium PC Hewlett Packard. Software: Microsoft
Office 2003, Word 2003. Printer: LaserJet 4 Hewlett Packard. Fax. Modem.
Scanner. A Complete library of technical dictionaries including all the
technical subjects. Specialized glossaries.

EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Teacher in: Analog and Digital Electronics, Color
TV, Optoelectronics, Microprocessors during 20 years.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Telecommunication engineer graduated by the Polytechnic
University of Madrid in 1970. I have worked in fields related to Television
Transmitters Networks, Radiocomunications, Data Processing, Microwaves
and Satellite Earth Station Projects for TV Channels.

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