Saturday, 25 April 2009

WordLink Translation


Building a good team of translators goes a long way in the success of any translation project! This is where we would like to step in to offer you superior quality translations at extremely economical prices and be your reliable and trustworthy translation partner.

We use in-house professionals comprising qualified and experienced translators, trained native speakers and competent field-experts. Our translators hold a University Degree in their language, Our proofreaders are professionals with years of hands-on experience in the concerned industry. We work in the language pairs German and French into English in the Software and IT, Technical (mechanical, electrical, automobile), Engineering and Commercial fields.

The latest translation tools including TRADOS and a variety of physical and computer-aided dictionaries sourced from various parts of the world form the basis of our translation process. Our translators have valuable experience using Translator’s Workbench, Tag Editor, T-Window and S-Tagger.

We are sure you will find our prices very impressive. We charge 79,00 EUR for 1000 source words for translation including proofreading by a second translator from German and French into English. Our focus are larger projects, so our minimum charge is 250,00 EUR.

I am confident that you would find our services useful both in terms of quality and price.

Thank you very much for your time.


John Bergholm

WordLink Translation
24 Belgrave Road, Victoria,
London SW1V 2BP

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