Wednesday, 31 March 2010

English-Russian translation services

Dear colleagues,

Feel free to contact me for English-Russian translation services.
I have 28 years of experience in English>Russian translation and localization and 56 books translated to my credit.
Memberships: ATA, ITI, UTR.
Recommendations from: Philips, Ford, Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Honda, Husqvarna, UNESCO, Babylon Ltd., translation agencies: Blonde, Tradas, ASET Intl., MTW, AIT, CPLI and more.
Areas of expertise: automotive, IT, software, telecom, business, advertising, marketing, manuals, electronics, legal.
Software: Trados 2007, Wordfast 4.2.
Rates: from Euro 0.08 per source word.

Yours faithfully
Andrei Gerasimov, Ph.D.

email:, cc to:
skype name: andrei_gerasimov
Tel.: +7 495 434-1086
Mobile: +7 916 692-2809
Russia 119571 Moscow Leninski prospect 156-348

Sunday, 28 March 2010

English to Spanish translations

Just to let you know that I have a slight change in my fees. I have reduced from 0.06 to 0.05 in long term partnerships and big projects.

My name is Emilio Alba.

I have 20 Years as a Professional freelancer Translator – Translating Ideas, not just words.

I have a computer engineering and a marketing degree. My native language is Spanish and I translate from English to Spanish.

My areas of specialization: promotion, marketing, sales, and business.

My Software:
Win Xp, Office 2007, Trados 2007/SDL Trados Studio 2009, Deja Vu, SDLX, Acrobat Pro Extended, Infix PDF Editor, Solid PDF Tools, Abbyy FineReader 9.0, Alchemy Catalyst 8, Indesign CS4, SEO Key Words and Babylon.

My fees (Trados):
0.06 USD per source Word.
0.05 USD for big projects (10k+) and long term partnerships.
Repetitions and 100% matches – no charge
All other fuzzy matches full rate
The minimum fee is 15 USD.
Net 30
For urgent jobs 0.08 per source word.
Preferred method of payment is PayPal.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Get paid to answer requests to translate small texts

Do you recieve too many emails asking to translate short phrases, a few words or translation advice?, these emails can tend to waste your time, and ultimately, you earn nothing from them.

Here is a solution, that will earn you 50p ($0.75 USD) for every email you answer, with a minimum payout of £100 ($150 USD).

1. Set up an email address, "" and publish it on your website. Ask people to include their mobile number in the email.

2. Set up an email address "", do not publish this email address anywhere.

3. Set up a Premium SMS affiliate account at

4. Select the "Form" option on this page, press "continue", then copy and paste the HTML to a private page on your website, or your desktop.

5. In response to emails coming in from "", use the SMS Form to send a reply saying, "In order to help with your enquiry please email"

6. Any emails arriving at have been paid for, and can be handled as paid support.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Google Translate for Mobile

Here's a lightweight version of Google translate, stripped down to it's bare bones for fast loading, and low data transfer, it's at

So far it's only italian / english, but I'll add more if you leave a comment.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


My name is Kent Juhl and I represent GENEVA LANGUAGE SERVICES, a translation company based in Geneva, Switzerland . We are a language services company providing translation, editing, proofreading, website and software localization, and typesetting services in English <> German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. We have native teams in the areas of Law, Commerce, Corporate Finance, Accounting, Telecommunications, Computer software/hardware, Electronics, Medicine, Engineering, Marketing, Technical, and Economics. We have extensive experience in CAT tools and can work in Trados and SDLX.

Fixed rate for (all language combinations): EUR 0,079 PER ENGLISH WORD.

We have been in business for over 6 years and you will find us responsive even to small requests. Currently, we have 6 in-house translators, but we are expanding our permanent staff to cater for the needs of a growing demand of translation projects. We also have a very fluid network of freelance translators that are ready to work in big projects.

Our Quality Control Procedures have satisfied our clients and our staff is constantly under evaluation to ensure we always deliver the best translation quality possible. We use professionals who are native speakers and who hold University degrees in Translation.

All our translations are checked by a second professional before delivery to ensure consistency and correct grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes etc.

We are seeking a long-term business relationship with your company on mutual benefit basis, and would like to be considered in your search for services providers. Should you require an estimate for our services, we shall provide it without any cost or obligation on your part.

If you have any questions or need further information about our company, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future

Kind regards,

Kent Juhl
Project Manager
+41 22 708 88 99

GENEVA Language Services
85, rue de Montbrillant
1201 Geneva

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Expect a 2% increase in Greek translation costs

Greece raises VAT rate by 2%

Effective March 15, 2010, the Greek government raised its VAT (Value Added Tax) from 19 to 21%. This is only a part of a series of measures to manage ballooning state debt. Raising further taxes on fuel, tobacco, and alcohol on the one side and cutting public wages on the other side relieve the Greek budget of 4.8 billion Euros.

Therefore, any Greek-resident and VAT registered translator will be increasing his or her charges by 2%. This will impact primarily non-EU clients who cannot claim back or zero-rate this VAT.

Monday, 15 March 2010

English to Russian Translation


Russian Word Inc. provide translation services to all European countries and the USA. We provide translation services to translation companies, local institutions, major corporations, advertising companies, law firms and government agencies all over the world.

We are service providers to global translation and publishing companies. Among the subjects domains covered are: IT software and hardware, SAP, Telecommunication, Electronics, General Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Financial, Legal, Technical, Automotive, Heavy machinery, Video Games.

We are supported by a network of over 200 Russian freelance translators and DTP experts.

Your document is first translated (Translation) ; it is then reviewed (Edit) for accuracy by a second translator who is familiar with the characteristics of your target audience and it is finally proofread (Proof) by the original translator.

We use Trados to achieve highest quality and homogeneity possible at minimum cost. We also help you create glossaries for your projects should you not have one to ensure consistency throughout the difference phases of the translation process.


FULL TEP (Translation, Edit, Proof by at least 1 language specialists)


=> 0,055 Euro (or USD 0.075) / English Word.

Request a free quote.


Alex T.
Russian Word Inc.
7 Clifford Street
York, Y01 9RA
United Kingdom

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bilingual French-Czech translations

Novak Kenny Cenek Tomas

French translator since 2004

English teacher in France, French teacher in England for 30 years

Mother tongue : French, bilingual French-Czech (Czech father)

Working languages : Czech, Italian, English, Russian.

Date of birth : 04-02-1956

Address : Chemin font de galine, 84800 Isle sur Sorgue, France

Tel : 0488071402

Email :

Skype : novakkenny

CAT tools : Trados

Capacity per day : 2000words

Master’s Degree in English to French translation (Lille3 University, 1993)

Master’s Degree in Italian to French translation (Aix Marseilles University, 2001)

Master’s Degree in Russian to French translation (Aix Marseilles University, 2003)

(copies available upon request)

References: - Text4U (Ovadia) Kiryat Ono, Israël, “ Thank you for a professional translation” (Russian to French)

- Studio Grafico Dozarte(Dario Zanini), Italy,“ Speedy, suitable” (Italian to French)

- Eurolink Traductores (Isabel Sancho), Spain, “Good quality, punctual” (English to French)

- Magellan International Corp (Jason), USA, “ We recommend your services. Thank you very much” (Czech to French)

- Bohemian Dragomans (Martin Korsaw ), Germany, info@bohemian- (Czech to French)

- Infomarex (Michael McCann), Ireland, “ Great translator, work well done and promptly delivered, looking forward to working with you again.” (English to French)

- Chantal Pulé Traductions 5 (Charah) France,

”Very good translator, punctual”( English and Italian to French)

Fields: advertising, agriculture, anthropology, archeology, art, astrology, astronomy, biology, botanics, cinema, cosmetics, chemistry, commerce, cooking, domestic appliances, ecology, electricity, engineering, esoterism, fashion, fiction, fishing, human resources, gambling, genetics, geography, geology, history, human sciences, hydraulics, industry, international cooperation, journalism,law, linguistics, literature, logistics, marketing, media, mechanics, medicine, metallurgy, politics, meteorology, music, oenology, painting, pedagogy, pharmacy, philosophy, psychology, religion, robotics, social sciences, sport, statistics, tourism, TV, video games, websites.

From Czech and Russian to French : 0.08 euro per source word.

From English and Italian to French : 0.06 euro per source word.

Friday, 5 March 2010

English to Bulgarian translations at 0.07 euro cents per word

All of our translations are completed by native-speaking professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Linguists are only involved in a translation project if they have a proven track record in a particular specialisation.

Completed work is delivered accurately, efficiently and punctually and we are capable of delivering urgent translations within 24 hours, as well as very large projects, in order to meet your requirements.

Per Source Word (EUR) + Translation <>:

English Greek 0,07
English Italian 0,08
English French-EU 0,09
English French-CA 0,09
English Spanish-LT 0,08
English Spanish 0,08
English German 0,09
English Dutch 0,09
English Norwegian 0,14
English Swedish 0,14
English Finnish 0,14
English Danish 0,14
English Bulgarian 0,07
English Lithuanian 0,09
English Serbian 0,09
English Czech 0,09
English Slovak 0,09
English Slovenian 0,09
English Estonian 0,09
English Latvian 0,09
English Albanian 0,09
English Macedonian 0,09
English Croatian 0,09
English Hungarian 0,09
English Turkish 0,08
English Russian 0,08
English Polish 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Portuguese 0,08
English Romanian 0,07
English Ukrainaian 0,09
English Maltese 0,10
English Icelandic 0,22
English Japanese 0,15
English Chinese 0,08
English Arabic 0,08
English Hindi 0,09

The following is provided: Translation + Proofreading (by second Native) + review against source.

Please e-mail us at or call the number below for a free quote.

Kind regards,

Frank Jones

Localization Department
130 Charlotte Street,
Soho, London W1T 1RL.
+44 796 986 9000

Monday, 1 March 2010

Live English to French Interpreting


- Internet sites
- French CV
- Menus, sales
- Art
- Technical, economic,
financial services
- Correspondence business,
- Dissertations,
scientific documents


- During conferences,
- Telephone
sales and marketing

* All content totally
confidential *


I am perfectly bilingual and have dual French and British citizenship.
I offer you my services as a TRANSLATOR and INTERPRETER: FRENCH <> ENGLISH.

I have several years experience and I can deal with many different domains.
I prefer working from Word files but I can also work from most other formats.
You may contact me by email, fax or post.

I work as a freelance translator.
All translations are proof-read and double-checked.

Average rates for translation: 0,09 euro / word, 0,05 euro / word for proofreading.
Estimates provided for some jobs according to their complexity and volume.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.
I look forward to collaborating with you.

Email addresses: or to send up to 20 MB attached files:

Postal address:

Cellphone: +33 (0) 661329955 Fax: +33 (0) 956112565