Monday, 15 March 2010

English to Russian Translation


Russian Word Inc. provide translation services to all European countries and the USA. We provide translation services to translation companies, local institutions, major corporations, advertising companies, law firms and government agencies all over the world.

We are service providers to global translation and publishing companies. Among the subjects domains covered are: IT software and hardware, SAP, Telecommunication, Electronics, General Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Financial, Legal, Technical, Automotive, Heavy machinery, Video Games.

We are supported by a network of over 200 Russian freelance translators and DTP experts.

Your document is first translated (Translation) ; it is then reviewed (Edit) for accuracy by a second translator who is familiar with the characteristics of your target audience and it is finally proofread (Proof) by the original translator.

We use Trados to achieve highest quality and homogeneity possible at minimum cost. We also help you create glossaries for your projects should you not have one to ensure consistency throughout the difference phases of the translation process.


FULL TEP (Translation, Edit, Proof by at least 1 language specialists)


=> 0,055 Euro (or USD 0.075) / English Word.

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Russian Word Inc.
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