Friday, 26 March 2010

Get paid to answer requests to translate small texts

Do you recieve too many emails asking to translate short phrases, a few words or translation advice?, these emails can tend to waste your time, and ultimately, you earn nothing from them.

Here is a solution, that will earn you 50p ($0.75 USD) for every email you answer, with a minimum payout of £100 ($150 USD).

1. Set up an email address, "" and publish it on your website. Ask people to include their mobile number in the email.

2. Set up an email address "", do not publish this email address anywhere.

3. Set up a Premium SMS affiliate account at

4. Select the "Form" option on this page, press "continue", then copy and paste the HTML to a private page on your website, or your desktop.

5. In response to emails coming in from "", use the SMS Form to send a reply saying, "In order to help with your enquiry please email"

6. Any emails arriving at have been paid for, and can be handled as paid support.

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