Saturday, 25 April 2009

French Canadian translations

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

We would like to introduce your company to our team of 2 freelance translators who work solely from French (European & Canadian) into English (US and UK).

Gregory Jackson has more than ten years' experience in legal and business translations, with extensive prior experience as a high-level paralegal at major NYC and LA law firms in legal proofreading and translation.

Christopher Jackson has worked in different functional areas (marketing, sales, financial planning, strategic planning), and in several different industries (HR consulting, market research, training, manufacturing, IT, not-for-profit, and education). He has a broad business background and advanced degrees that together provide ideal preparation for handling a broad range of translation projects.

Our team can offer you years of extensive practical experience in the translation of:

- legal documents, contracts, agreements, pleadings, briefs, judgments, etc.

- business documents, including marketing, financial and technical reports, plans, presentations, training, HR documents and software

- website localization, editing, and proofreading for standard US English.

Because we work at separate ends of the North American continent, we can provide fast turnaround due to an extended work day, especially for projects based in Europe.

Our proficiency in French was acquired in France while living and attending school as children and while working as adults. We can identify and translate cultural references and acronyms that translators who have never lived there will have trouble with.

We have attached the resumes of our team members for your consideration, each with a list of the kinds of projects we have completed successfully.

Thanks and regards,

Gregory Jackson (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Christopher Jackson (Connecticut, USA)
Alternate email:

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