Thursday, 30 April 2009

German SEO Advice Required

I am looking for an SEO expert with knowledge of German.

I have a German website,, with a PR4, 31 backlinks,
and following the same format as a network of 24 other websites that rank well in Google.

I am looking for an SEO report that could help me rank the site in for either "sms kostenlos" or "sms gratis" (or both)

The report should include:

* Advice for wording changes within the site, to better target the search terms.
* A list of at least 10 mobile-phone related websites in Germany, with good PR, where it is possible to buy 'with-follow' advertisement cheaply.
- A contact name, email address, and exact price for each website must be provided
* A list of at least 10 mobile-phone related forums in Germany, where it is possible to post 'with-follow' comments about the website
- A sample post in German must be provided, i.e. "Hey, have you seen this website, it lets you send free SMS"
* A sample email written in German, explaining the benefits of linking to our website via the affiliate program:

The report should not include:

* Recommendations for Major changes to the site, only wording changes please.
* Black-hat seo, such as hidden text, doorway pages, spam etc.

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