Monday, 25 May 2009

Alessandro MIANI di ANGORIS Freelance translator

Alessandro MIANI di ANGORIS
Vicolo della Porta 5 - 00060 Riano (Rome)
tel: 06-90131924/338-6413136 – e-mail:
During my past professional experience I acquired solid knowledge in budgeting, reporting and
administration techniques and great familiarity with forecasting tools in the ever changing electronics market.
Having also managed complex projects, I have used these skills in recent years to build a team in translations,
together with my French wife (responsible of the "Audrey" magazine's editing for two years).
from 1996 Involved in family financial & real estate situation, then in translations which is now
my sole activity.
9 years in translation/editing with assignments covering:
- Accounting, Admin., banking, management, economics, finance, investments /
- Certificates/patents/licenses, contracts, insurance;
- Pharmaceuticals, health care;
- Manufacturing, metallurgy, mechanical;
- Electronics, engineering, energy, power generation;
- Telecommunications, media, networking;
- Oil & gas
- Automation, robotics;
- Automotive;
- SAP;
- Transportation, retail, sailing, wine, etc…
from 1993 NU SKIN Italia s.r.l. (U.S.A. network Co.: cosmetics, nutritional)
Created sales network for NU SKIN products and up-lines in Italy and abroad.
from 1992 Studio SQUILLACI Company – Rome
Specialist commercial and fiscal advice to business customers
from 1980 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS ITALIA S.p.A. – Cittaducale/Avezzano
Sales: $500M – Employees: 2000
from 1989 Financial Manager – reporting to Project Manager
Organized and set-up a financial and purchasing department to follow-up and support
a $130M project to build in Avezzano the most advanced electronic component
factory in the Texas Instruments world. The final outcome was a 0.4% variance to the
budget and this plant realisation was taken as a benchmark for the other ongoing
Texas projects.
from 1984 Operational Controller (manuf. & sales) – reporting to Division Manager
As Controller of a business with fast technological change and wide product and
consumer fluctuations, I have always maintained tight control, precise and punctual
financial reporting to the local and foreign management team to assist achieving the
company goals.
from 1980 Cost Acc. Mngr. -> Internal Auditor -> Cost Acc. & Fin. Planner
Studies: 1979 – 1980 MBA at INSEAD – Fontainebleau France
1974 – 1979 Economics at the University of Rome
Languages: Italian/French: mother tongue (French mother & studies in French)
English: fluent (1st. spoken language)

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