Thursday, 12 November 2009

Featured English-Danish Translator

Anne Seerup

12 Cois Bruach, Riverstick, Co. Cork, Ireland

Phone: +353 214771708 Mobile: 086 2139940

VAT Number: IE4056024N

English-Danish Translator


Since 2001 I have been operating as freelance translator, providing quality translations from English into Danish as well as a number of other services. These include editing, proofreading, linguistic consultancy and quality control assignments.

My aim is to deliver functional translations that bring the message efficiently across and to help ensure that the end-clients appear professional in their international communications. Well, at least in Danish.

With a postgraduate degree in Nordic Philology from University of Copenhagen in 2000, I moved to Ireland where I later started providing translations and other linguistic services. Because of my academic linguistic background I take quite an interest in the linguistic development of Danish, which means that it is quite important to me that the final products meet the highest possible standard and are idiomatically, and not the least grammatically correct.


My services include translation, editing, proofreading documentation within the following areas:

  • Technical: Operation and user manuals for machinery and automotive products

  • Medical, Pharmaceutical and Medico-technical: In vitro diagnostics, Medical instruments, Summaries of Product Characteristics, Patient Information Leaflets, Clinical trial protocol, Informed consent forms, Dental technology

  • Software & IT: Software localization, Website translation, User documentation

Equipment & Software


4 powerful PC workstations running XP and Vista.

High speed DSL connection


SDL Trados 2007

Trados TagEditor

MultiTerm 2007

MS Word 2003

MS Excel 2003

MS PowerPoint 2003

MS Outlook 2003

MS Access 2003

Adobe CS4

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Highlights of completed projects from 2006 – 2009

Due to the amount of materials that I translate on a daily basis it has not been possible to include everything and therefore the list below represents a selection of different subject matters.

Medical, Medico-technical, & Pharmaceutical

  • Informed consent form, clinical trial, treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • User manual for ophthalmic surgical instrument

  • Operator manual for a mobile radiology system, 30.000 words

  • Updating and Translating Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) (Influenza A).

  • Clinical trial protocol, prostate cancer treatment, 8.000 words

  • Product information for calcium alginate wound dressing

  • Website for a CADCAM dental technology system

  • Instructions for universal plate and screw system for stabilization and fixation of mandibular fractures

  • User documentation for medical imaging equipment (CT scanner, MR imaging, X-ray equipment)

  • Inserts for test kits for the detection of Streptococcus, Malaria, Influenza A & B

  • Clinical Study Protocol, treatment of colorectal cancer

  • Operating manual for equipment for transilluminated powered phlebectomy (treatment of varicose veins)

  • Operating manual for electrophoresis equipment

  • SPC and PIL for transdermal patches for treating bladder disorders

  • Operating manual for IVD equipment for nucleic acid amplification test

    Software & IT

  • User guide regarding Search Engine optimization

  • Datalogic cordless scanner, user manual

  • User documentation for Oracle performance management software

  • Website for provider of e-commerce solutions

  • User manual for fax/printer

  • User manual for printer/scanner

  • User manual for MP3 player

  • Help files for a large integrated information and management system (purchasing, invoicing, HR etc.)

  • Website for e-store selling antivirus solutions

  • Help files for web content for PDF conversion software

  • Html files in relation to accounting software

  • Software help file for alarm system

  • Software strings for imaging software


  • Flameproof gas analyzer, user manual, 15.000 words

  • Presentation for stainless steel company 10.000 words

  • Product presentation and user instructions for diesel and petrol treatment

  • Manual for electronic experimental lab for children

  • User manual for laser system for earthmoving equipment 8.000 words

  • User manual for thread cutting equipment 15.000 words

  • User manual for escape hood and gas mask

  • User manual for mapping and localization system

  • Risk analysis for wheelchair manufacturer

  • Technical information sheet for wall covering materials

  • Marketing materials for soil reliever

    Business, marketing, & general

  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers for a provider of investigative, forensic and security solutions

  • Automotive presentation and marketing material

  • Marketing materials for major manufacturer of cranberry products

  • Whistle blowing policy

  • Code of Conduct

  • Marketing materials for motor oils

  • Marketing materials for sun protection wipes


1998 BA in Danish linguistics and literature, University of Copenhagen

2000 Postgraduate in Nordic Philology, University of Copenhagen

2004 Diploma in Graphic Design


Rates for general translation work: EUR 0.12 per word
Rates for medical/pharmaceutical: EUR 0.13 per word

Editing/proofreading of general texts: EUR 35 per hour

Specialized editing (e.g. SPCs and PILs according to EMEA): EUR 40 per hour

Rush rate: 25% surcharge

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