Monday, 17 January 2011

Outsource Translation Redesign redesign

Bid here: is a website where people can search for a translator by selecting either a language pair, or by browsing a directory. I am looking for a new design for the website, but without changing any (or much) of the c# code.

The website is written in C# (ASP.NET, Visual studio 2003), and full source code, with database access will be given to the designer.

Objective 1 : A Fresh new design
Currently the design is quite childish and unprofessional, I’d like a brand new, crisp, professional design.

It should be applied as a master page, with good use of CSS, so that new pages can be added easily when required. It should be cross-browser viewable, IE 6 upwards.

Many pages are badly laid out on the current design, such as the centered-text CV on the view translator page etc.I’d like this to look nicer.

Important: You must send a mock-up (image) of the proposed design before coding in HTML/CSS, so that I can give my feedback at an early stage.

Objective 2: Maintain existing URLs

The website has been live for several years, and google has indexed many pages, so therefore, I need all existing URLs to be maintained:

Objective 3. Improve SEO

The URL should use a HTTP 301 redirect to this URL Koçi
Where “Dorian Koçi “ is the name of the translator,
Hint: Use the C# “Request.PathInfo” property.

Objective 4. Fix the send message page

Currently, if a user lands on the view translator page, then selects “Send Message” they end up back on the front page. This should go to a page where the user can send an email to the translator. The message should be sent via email with a footer saying “This message was sent via”

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