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Professional French translator: Floriane Ballige


demoiselle Floriane BALLIGE

67 rue Jean Jaurès

L a Vallée


39 ans – Célibataire

Born 1968 - Single


2001 (Degree Level) University General Studies in English and American Civilizations

1996 (Degree Level) University General Studies in German Civilisation

1992 European Certificate in German – General Language

1992 European Certificate in English – Business Language

1991 (Degree Level) Diploma as an Engineer in Trilingual Secretaryship

1990 Baccalaureate G1 (Secretary Methods and Organisation)


1993 – 1997 Centre de Formation pour Apprentis du Bâtiment – Marzy (58)

I spent these four years teaching English and German, and was involved in the secretaryship of the school’s library.


June/July 1990


November/December 1990 at the Etablissements Durand in Fourchambault (58)

Training period (necessary for my Engineering diploma) spent at the Customer’s Service.

I was in charge of the technical and general translations of the service, and was also an interpreter on-site when we had some English-speaking or German-speaking customers visiting the place.


English at a bilingual level (spoken, read, written), I’ve been practising the language since 1980.

German at an almost bilingual level (spoken, read, written), I’ve been practising the language since 1982.

Notions of Spanish and Dutch. I can understand and express myself in these languages, but my level is not good enough to work as a translator.


I have a literary linguistic background; this means that I am a specialist in general/literary/current/fluent languages. The only technical language forms I am familiar with are those used on the Internet. I’ve been connected to the Internet since early 2004 and I know what kind of languages forms are used on websites.

I am competent in the following fields:

- Journalism/Politics

- Literature,

- Television, cinema, documentaries, cartoons : any written script or dialogue is highly welcome,

- Tourism and Travel,

- Ballet dance,

- Painting,

- Crafts : cross stitch, cardmaking, knitting,

- Gardening and Botany,

- Legends, Fairy Tales, Childrens Stories,

- Medieval History,

- Personal documents (certificates, letters, etc.)

And any other field that may be similar to the ones mentioned above.

The choice of these precise fields is not a random one. I am interested in those fields, I know them very well, especially because I either have a lot of documents relating to them, or because I practice them or just because I am very interested in them and a fan of them.

My language pairs




Rates and Payments

A unique rate for every required combination and level: € 0,08 per word. Can be lowered to 0.05 euros per word IF REALLY NEEDED.

Payment by Bank Transfer/Wire or Western Union (if really needed). No Paypal or Moneybookers systems, sorry.


Translation !!!!!! This is obvious to me ! Languages are my true passion and I absolutely want to use them as much as I can, and on a constant basis when it comes to use them as a profession. I especially love long-term projects.


Languages are my very first passion, this is why anything relating to languages is interesting: I have been involved in foreign friendships (pen-friends) for many years, I also read a lot of foreign magazines and books, I watch as many TV programmes in original version as possible, I have written a lot of free translations for friends, family and for my personal use, and I collect anything about the UK, USA, Germany and Canada.

Besides languages, I’m a very creative person. I love cross stitch, cardmaking, ballet dance (I used to practice, I don’t any more but I collect anything about it), literature, painting (I love the Impressionnists), botany and gardening, watching television, collecting old greeting cards and anything regarding the Middle Age, mythological legends and characters (elves, fairies, etc..). I also love spending my free time creating textures with Paint Shop Pro or Photo Impact.


I work from home.

Workdays and hours:

Monday to Saturday – From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (French timezone GMT+1)

Regarding proofreading assignements: although I disapprove that kind of system, I accept such assignments, but please don’t ask my any kind of comments. I just correct what’s wrong, but this is all. I don’t like to eventually put my colleagues in jeopardy.

I accept urgent deadlines – however, please bear in mind that a professional work involves a necessary amount of time to be completed.

For example, if a client is sending a 20.000 words-document to be translated overnight, it is obvious that I will not be able to work on it in such a small amount of time.

My motto is Quality needs time and I like to stick to it.

Please stick to the GENERAL and LITERARY fields. I do not accept technical, scientific, financial, medical or legal jobs, I have no competence in such fields that require a very specific vocabulary and a knowledge that I am definitely not familiar with. Thank you.

Computer and softwares

I use MS Word

Search on the Internet.

I know how to work with WordFast – I use it when I have a complex formatting to deal with, but I do not know how to use the translation memory.

Public linguistic credits

I am not allowed to mention any companies names since the job they provide me is sent via translation agencies. There is a matter of competition involved that can easily be understood.

However, I have so far worked on such documents:

- Users’ manuals for street cleaning machines, snow-blowers

- Board and video games rules

- Tests for subtitling companies

- Video/DVD covers translations

- Tourism books, leaflets and brochures

- Certificates and diplomas

- Newspapers articles

- Children’s Literature

- Conference speeches

I have also translated several websites (SmileyCentralStudio, MyPrinties to name but a few).

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