Friday, 25 February 2011

Translation Management Systems

With so many Language Service Providers (LSPs) boasting top quality services and faster turn-around times in today’s increasingly competitive market, many companies are looking for innovative ways to help them stretch profit margins even further.

You need control with flexibility, you need to differentiate yourself to secure clients, and you need the latest technologies to deliver exactly what your client needs -- how can you achieve all of this when your clients are looking to stretch their budget and expecting you to provide competitive rates?

Join our free webinar on March 10th to learn about Translation Management Systems and discover how this type of technology can give your company the competitive edge you need.

In this one-hour session we will discuss the issues facing LSPs today and you will witness first-hand how a complete TMS can add value by helping your company save time, improve quality and ultimately differentiate you from your competitors.

Join us to discover a tool that can help you:

  • Gain a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market
  • Accelerate the turn-around time of translation projects
  • Minimize the time spent performing repetitive manual tasks
  • Streamline your company's ability to track documents and rapidly pinpoint the appropriate version to use
  • Completely eliminate the need for sending documents, translation memories and instructions back and forth via e-mail
  • Manage projects A-Z with minimal human intervention

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