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French,English to Portuguese translator 0.05 Euro/w

mesHugo Alexandre Manito Diogo Barbosa

Rua António José da Loura, 4, 4º Dto.,

Quinta dos Fidalguinhos,

2835-320 Lavradio, Barreiro,


Tel: 351-966516880



Graduation in Translation & Interpretation

Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL)


Work Languages



Portuguese - European (native language)


Laptop Pentium dual core 2.6; 2G RAM; HD 350 G

Wireless connection (to ensure permanent communication with clients)


Windows XP Professional / Windows 7

Microsoft Office XP / 2007

Internet Explorer 8


Satellite PE

Wordfast 5

Experience (alphabetic order)

Accu – Translations Services Limited (UK)

  • Home appliances manuals (vacuum cleaners, refrigerators).

  • Industrial scissor lift platform manuals for Skyjack.

Adams Translations (United States)

  • Manuals for ViaVideo, software for videoconference on PC.

Aldus Communications (Canada)

  • Commercial agreements.

All Languages (Canada)

  • HTML documents proofreading. Contents of pages: Hotvoice, a company specialized in e-business.

A-Script Translations (Romania)

  • Marketing documents for SIM cards and mobile phones.

ASG (France)

  • User manual for portable radio (electronic equipment).

Atelier Soustitre (Spain)

        • Subtitling of TV Series (24; Curb Your Enthusiasm; Murder, She Wrote; 4400; Roswell and others).

Atlas Translations (UK)

        • Industrial machinery.

        • Industrial food processing machinery (potato chips).

The Big Word (United Kingdom)

  • Large manual (50,000 + words) for operating digging machines.

  • Slideshow presentations of Peugeot’s automobiles.

  • Fax manual for Brothers Industries.

  • Several marketing documents for Ford.

Bowne Global Solutions (United States)

  • Mobile phone manual from Mitsubishi for model Eclipse XL.

Business Language Services (United Kindgom)

  • Human Resources documents for Spie Trindel.

Biscaygo Translations (Japan)

  • Operating system for boat engines (gauges, fuel consumption meters, etc.)

Cartwright Language Services (UK)

  • Technical documents about the assembly and operation of electrical and mechanical systems of automated wheelchairs.

Cabessa Translations

  • Marketing documents for Peugeot and IPSO.

  • Consummer satisfaction surveys.

CodeXchange (Taiwan)

  • Extensive hardware documentation.

  • Small read me and string files for game controllers.

  • Translation of fax/modem manual Netdeliver V2000 from Avision Inc.

Compaq (United States)

  • Hardware and software components. Highly technical material.

Compass Languages (UK)

  • Operation manual for processing line for chips (potatoes).

Crimson Language Services (United States)

  • Telecommunication/computer system for processing and management of national lottery games.


  • Building construction and engineering.

Elite Language Productions L.C. (United States)

  • Post-it software for Windows 98.

Endress + Hauser (Germany)

  • Waste disposal systems.

Etcetera (USA(

        • Siemens Horizontal Boring Mill Manuals.

        • Giddings & Lewis Machinery Manuals.

Eureco (Italy)

  • Manuals for the new BMW Mini vehicle. Highly technical automotive systems.

Fohigh Technological Translation Co. Ltd. (Tawain)

  • Software localization of digital cameras software.

Globaware (France)

  • Translation of HMTL pages for e-commerce on the World Wide Web.

  • User guide for EGG Photo 360 Software.

Global Translation Systems (United States)

  • IMMULITE 2000 operator’s manual, a software system to handle analysis and diagnosis of pharmaceutical samples with vast medical applications.

  • Software to manage the operation of pharmaceutical devices.

  • Extensive proposal from Multilink to Portugal Telecom to set up a teleconference system in Portugal.

HCR, Estudos e Consultadoria Informática Lda. (Portugal)

  • Software translation (management software and programs with industrial applications).

Inforauto (Portugal/United Kingdom)

  • Translation of powerful software accounting tool for the automobile industry, including help files in HTML format.

International Translators & Interpreters (Canada)

  • Telecommunications manual.

IPFEL SL (Portugal)

  • Translation in the following areas of expertise: Aeronautics; Software/Hardware; Mechanics

  • Member of the Windows 98 translation workgroup.

ITC (France)

  • Technical documents proofreading – operation of industrial machinery.

JBI Localization (United States)

  • Microsoft’s new set top box to enable interactive TV.

  • Translation of interactive pages in the World Wide Web.

Language for Industry (United Kingdom)

  • Manuals describing security procedures in power plants.

  • Turbine operation manuals for Alstom Powers in the UK.

  • Touchpad manual from Synaptics Incorporated.

Lengua/Multimeta (Germany)

  • Web page content

  • ACER brochure describing new range of servers.


  • Manual of DVD/VCD Home Theater System from SANYO.

Lingua Romanica (Denmark)

  • Manual on how to operate a riddling drum machine.

LOGOS International (Italy)

  • Manuals describing tractors, operation and their application in the industry.

M2Limited (United States)

  • Software localization of Human Resources software for corporate use.

Maelis (Portugal)

  • New network system and computer architecture to increase the performance of cellular phones.

  • Xerox documents about documentation management in several areas (judicial, health, education and so forth) using computers and software programs to handle flow of information.

  • All ALCATEL press releases in Portugal. Highly technical content about mobile network operations.

M.E. Services Communication Inc. (United States)

          • Desktop Publishing: newsletters regarding Xerox, Internet & Intranet and software in general.

Mendez (France)

  • Alcatel Sales Handbook for new line of cordless telephones: OmniPCX 4400.

  • Online help files for Alcatel’s OmniOffice, software for managing telecommunications.

  • Brochure describing a range of new products from Honeywell, manufacturer of sensors, indicators, recorders and registers. These products are used in industrial plants.

  • Mitsubishi mobile phone manual.

PTSGI (Tawain)

  • Technical documents, mostly computer- or electronics-related.

Scriptware (The Netherlands)

  • Philips cordless telephone manual.

  • Technical manuals.

  • Heavy machinery manual: operation and maintenance of industrial equipment.

  • Proofreading and translation of TOPCON software manuals for operating medical instruments (cornea analysis, cells analysis, etc.)

Sinomet (USA)

  • Microsoft website for online management of volume license software.

  • Translation of miscellaneous Microsoft websites.

TekniktextAb (Sweden)

  • Large solo project including: manuals about press printing machines, associated software and safety precautions.

  • Documents about safety equipment used in industrial environments.

  • Robotics manual.

Worddoc (United States)

  • Large volume survey about the effects of chemical dumping on soil.

Last update: April. 4th,, 2011

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