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German, French, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese to English Translations

Résumé of: Andrew Harrington, M.A.

Andrew Harrington

AH Translation Services LLC


Bachstrasse 1

CH-9606 Bütschwil (St Gallen)


Tel.: 0041-44-580-4903

Born: 15 May 1948, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian, British passport

Address: AH Translation Services LLC


Bachstrasse 1

CH-9606 Bütschwil (St Gallen)

Telephone: Tel.: 0041-44-580-4903
Fax: N/A
Civil Status: Married, four children

Source Languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Target Language: English only
Mother tongue: English

Fields: Financial, Legal, Technical, EEC

Price: .08 Euro cents a word source language, or equivalent in target language, by word or line

Member of:
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario
Institute of Linguists, London

Where lived:
Employed as translator in Bütschwil, Switzerland
1998-2007: Employed as translator in Barcelona, Spain
1989-1998: Self-employed translator, Brussels, Belgium
1988-1989: Taught English, translating part-time, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
1986-1987: Taught English, translating part-time, in Aachen, Germany
1985-1986: Taught English, translating part-time, in Sedan, France
1984-1985: Stayed with friends in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany, taught English
1983-1984: Taught English in Zürich, Switzerland (attended university part-time)
1982-1983: Taught English in Lugano, Switzerland (attended university part-time)
1980-1981: Taught English in Bologna, Italy (attended university part-time)
1979-1980: Taught English in Modena, Italy
1978-1979: Employed as translator in translation agency, Modena, Italy,

Education: reverse order:

1976-1978: University of Montreal, M.A. in Modern Languages,
1972-1976: MacMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, B.A. in Modern Languages
1971-72: University of Coimbra (attended university classes for pleasure, taught English)
1970-1971: University of Salamanca (attended university classes for pleasure, taught English)
1970: Obtained T.E.F.L. certificate (Teaching English As a Foreign Language), Toronto
1970: Employed in bank for six months
1967-1969: University of Toronto Faculty of Law (2 years – with minor in Economics and Business Administration -- left without degree)
1963-1967: University of Winnipeg Collegiate (4 years prep school)

School of Translation and Interpretation
Arts Hall
70 Laurier Avenue East
Room 401
Ottawa ON Canada
School of Translation and Interpretation
Arts Hall
70 Laurier Avenue East
Room 401
Ottawa ON Canada

Windows XP Professional operating system, Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Typing skills:
At least 100 words a minute

Translation output:
Very high, up to 5,000 words per day

Trados: I do not use Trados or any other form of automated translation software.
Sub-contracting: I do not sub-contract.
Skype: In theory I have Skype but not at the moment.
Revision or proof-reading: No
Sworn Translator: No
Copy Writing: If translation-based; depends.

Significant translation jobs:
2007: End client: publishing company, United States: Two volumes military history: German-English
2003: End client: Supreme Court of Italy: Dispute over merger of 2 telecommunications firms, Italian-English
2002: End client: European Court of Justice: Dispute over Artificial sugar, Italian-English
2001: End client: Bank of Angola: Bond issue, Portuguese-English
2000: Full contracts and specification sheets for transit systems for 5 Italian cities: Italian-English
2000: Exhibition brochure, Flemish goldsmiths in Italy in the Middle Ages: Italian-English
1999: Exhibition brochure, Edgar Dégas: French-English

Other typical translation jobs:
Contracts, judgements, summonses, pleadings, bond issues, financial statements, accounts and balance sheets, EEC directives, heart valves, veterinary surgery, electricity, motors, construction, artificial intelligence, cheese, sewage treatment, lasers, literature, police reports, autopsies, motorcycles, gaming industry regulations, medical reports, fire reports, welding, newspaper articles, law texts, forensic medicine, etc.



Global Language Services

Kurfürstenstr. 1

60486 Frankfurt

Tel: +49 (0) 69 756073- 30

FAX: +49 (0) 69 75 60 73 56 30


Project Manager

Telelingua International

Brussels, Paris, Munich, New York, Shenzhen

Tel. : +33 141 631 611

Telelingua France - Cap Beaune,
14 rue de la Beaune,
93181 MONTREUIL Cedex,



BD&D Translations

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Bruxelles 1200 Brussel


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Bureau Lefebvre s.c.

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site web :

e mail :

Franco Pellegrini


12 avenue Capitaine Piret

B-1150 Brussels

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Fax 02 612 17 46

Cassell’s New German Dictionary
Cassell’s New French Dictionary
Oxford-Duden Pictorial German-English Dictionary
Langenscheidt’s Handwörterbuch German-English
Ernst- Worterbuch der Industriellen Technik – Deutsch-Englisch
Herbst Dictionnaire Commerce-Finance-Droit Français-Anglais-Allemand
Herbst-Readett WÖRTERBUCH Handels-Finanz-Rechts-Sprache Deutsch-Englisch-Französisch

Marolli Dizionario Tecnico
Ragazzini Russi Dizionario Tecnico Italiano-Inglese – Mursia
Ragazzini Russi Dizionario Commerciale Italiano-Inglese –Mursia
Cambridge Signorelli Dizionario Italiano-Inglese

Harraps’ French Dictionary
Petit Larousse Illustré
Herbst Dictionnaire Commerce-Finance-Droit Français-Anglais-Allemand

DE Diccionaris de l’Enciclopedia Diccionari Català-Anglès

Dicionário Português-Inglês – Dicionários Editora 2
nd edição Porto Editora
Chaves de Mello Dicionário Jurídico Português-Inglês Law Dictionary Portuguese-English
Luiz Mendes Antas Dicionário de Termos Técnicos Português-Ingles – Traço Editora

Chambers Diccionario Científico y Tecnólogico – Español-Inglés-Francés-Alemán- Omega
Diccionario Oxford Español-Inglés Nueva Edición
Routledge New Spanish Technical Dictionary
Collins Spanish-English
Lacasa Bustamante, Diccionario de Derecho, Economía y Política Español-Inglés Inglés-Español

Favourite on-line dictionaries:
EEC terminology:

: Classical literature, creative writing (poetry, short stories, two unpublished novels); favourite periods in literature: 16th and 19th centuries. Reading encyclopaedias and dictionaries.
Favourite authors:
Proust, Balzac, Cervantes, Chaucer, Eça de Queiroz, Dickens, Tolstoy, Robert Musil, Ben Jonson, Pío Baroja
Favourite book: Pickwick Papers, Las Inquietudes de Shanti Andía (Pío Baroja)
Other interests: Technical literature, law books, finance and investment literature.
Other hobbies: Bicycling, hiking, cross-country skiing.


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