Saturday, 31 July 2010

Telephone interpreting

Linguistic Group are working on a fully automated telephone interpreting service offered to you on a monthly subscription basis. This service will be available around October 2010.

What will this online service offer you?

You can choose your own dedicated telephone interpreting number worldwide. You can manage your website and your telephone interpreters online and then you are ready to start. Set your own price per minute. This system will provide the option for your clients to register on your website, upload money into your account and then they can call the interpreter. (Of course, there are options to manually create your clients too, or to upload your clients into the system). The selection of the language for the telephone interpreter will be based on voice recognition, so there is no call agent involved in establishing the telephone call.

The price for this service per month is 499,-- Euro and the one-off set-up charge is 49,-- Euro. Of course, you will have the reports of the calls in your online account as outgoing calls are not included in the monthly service price.

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