Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Czech translation job

Reword a czech website
Date Posted:May 10, 2010
Planned Start Date:May 10, 2010
Estimated Delivery Date:May 17, 2010
Main Category:Writing & Translation
Sub Category:Website Content
Skills: SEO

Estimated Budget:$30
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Member Since:May 10, 2010
Country:United Kingdom (GMT (G)
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I need someone to re-word a 900 word Czech website, smszdarma.co.cz so it is viewed as less similar to my slovak website, sms.eu.sk.

My Slovak website ranks well in Google.sk, but my Czech website doesn't even though they are very similar in content. - Therin lies the problem!

Along with re-wording, I would like some basic testing also, the translator will need a Czech mobile phone for this. I will pay for any mobile phone costs during testing.


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